October 25, 2019

Photoshoot gives a soul to your wedding coverage. It is a story of the newlywed in words explainable. And so you got to have a classy location for it too. Almost all my clients are usually worried about the photoshoot locations as Peshawar has handful of public places for this matter (and Most of them are crowded). So to make job easy for my readers here’s a list of location best for Photoshoots in Peshawar. It all depends upon your choice to choose from, considering if you want to blend-in with the colours of locations or keep a contrast between it and your attire.

1)Islamia College:

Possibly the Identity of Peshawar. The famous and classic Islamia College is best for your big day’s shoot. Merging Historical architecture and modernism with beautiful arches & symmetries. I personally think Islamia college, Peshawar is a huge playground for wedding photographers

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Try to be on time. (As it is an endless playground for a Photographer.)
  2. You need to take permission prior to the photoshoot. Talking to the Security officials as well as the Islamia college’s concerned department for their permission to shoot in the premises is compulsory.
  3. At least give 70-90 mins for the photoshoot. (Loads of classy spots in location for a variety of natural backdrops.)
  4. Ignore the public (Yes, its a public place and the place tend to get a little crowded sometimes)
  5. Best time for photoshoot in this location: Evening; 4-7 pm.
  6. My recommendation: Perfect for Mehndi, Barat, Walima/Reception or Convocation Photoshoot
  7. Feel: Mostly Outdoor with corridors & arches.

Islamia College, Peshawar

2)Sethi House:

Without a doubt one of the best architectural marvel in Peshawar. If you are looking for a Royal photoshoot with vintage and classical touch, this is the place to go! It is a multi story house located in the heart of Peshawar city. The best thing about the place is that there are no people around which is great of couples who seek privacy while shooting. There is also person (guide) who helps you explore different areas of the house.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. You need to book the place prior to the photoshoot, You can call/visit their office which is inside sethi house. (Visiting the place yourself for booking is better rather than giving them a call, as it’ll give you a better idea of how it looks)
  2. Try to be on time. (It is in Peshawar City which as we all know is very congested place with a lot of traffic. Leave early for the place so you reach on time)
  3. Best time for photoshoot at this location: Morning or between 3-6pm
  4. My recommendation: Perfect for: Barat or Mehndi Photoshoot
  5. Feel: Mostly Indoor. Vintage & woody warm colour tones in photos. Best for couples with royal look/themed photoshoot.

Sethi House, Peshawar

3)Fort Bala Hisar:

An amazing place with a peaceful atmosphere to shoot in. It has a vast green garden with a newly built building with a classical touch which compliments the overall look of the fort from the outside.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. You need a strong army reference to get into the place. You need to book the place prior to the photoshoot, and also keep reminding them about your dates. There have been cases where they refused at last moment to let anyone go through because of some ‘meeting’ going on inside.
  2. Best time for photoshoot at this location: Morning or between 4-7pm
  3. My recommendation: Perfect for: Barat or Mehndi Photoshoot
  4. Feel: Outdoor Photoshoot. vivid & rich colour tones in pictures.

Fort Bala Hisar

4)Peshawar Services Club:

One of my personal favourite because of the fact that it is a quiet & peaceful place with fountains, greenery, as well as pretty corridors and indoors. You can roam around and have lots of locations to shoot at inside the place

Things to keep in mind:

  1. The management charges you for the photoshoot and it needs to be reserved for the photoshoot beforehand. (Members of the club are charged 50% the amount)
  2. Best time for photoshoot at this location: Evening between 3-8pm
  3. My recommendation: Perfect for: Walima/reception or Barat Photoshoot
  4. Feel: Outdoor Photoshoot

Peshawar Services Club

Other places!

  • Pearl Continental (PC Peshawar)
  • Peshawar Golf Club (Shami Road)
  • Shelton’s Layalina
  • Shelton’s Rezidor
  • Shiraz Arena, gathering & Ronaq
  • The Bells by Reet-o-Riwaj
  • Spring Village (An underrated place but a good photographer can get the best out of this place)
  • … and some beautiful houses in Hayatabad & Defence. 😉

Shelton’s Layalina

These are some of the locations I personally love to shoot in. There is a lot of room for new experiments & idea implementations at these locations. Great locations helps us photographers to get more creative and utilise them in the best way possible. I will be waiting for your response in comments section below. Share your views of any other place you want to see on the list. Subscribe & Share. Follow Instagram for live updates & stories.

Keep exploring 😉

Tanzeel K.

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