October 25, 2019

Yes, as photographers, we do have personal favourites; clients we love, making sure to work with a bit more effort during their wedding and put a bit more input in post processing the project later on. (Oh and this, in no way means other clients aren’t important to us rather we make sure each and every one of them loves the deliverable we provide). These mentions usually are those clients who stood out (probably by not bugging me :P) then others in terms of the wedding itself, (how well it was organised), the co-operation, Punctuality (timings), post-wedding response, and most importantly the kindness of beautiful families we were surrounded by.

Here are the top 3 clients from past season.

3)Fatima & Tauseef:

Our humble & Little Fatima (Oh yeah! she’s short, Sorry Fatima 😛 ) and her loving & caring hubby Tauseef were kind enough to call us to Abbottabad and then further to Kashmir for their Wedding. Though it was a tiring journey but focusing on their Wedding it should be summed up in one word; Royal..! The Bridal dresses, Locations for the photoshoots as well as events & the decor on their events were amazing. The best thing about this wedding was the attention to tiny details which were taken care of very neatly. Worth mentioning is Fatima’s Nikah /Engagement Photoshoot which was shot early morning between 6-8 AM at a pretty house with a more prettier garden in Abbottabad.

                                   A shot of Fatima & Tauseef at their Barat’s photoshoot in Abbottabad

2)Safi & Maham:

Second place goes to the cute Safi & Maham. the chemistry, lots of funny moments and a few weird poses made their shoot one to remember. We finally got a client who wanted to pose funny after so long. In addition to the photoshoots; their events were also, very colourful on Mehndi and classy on reception. All the details were taken care of very well with the stage decor to sweet dresses of cute little kids.

“I am loving this trend of Barat/Rukhsati & Reception ceremony on a single day in recent times. obviously it is economical and should be like that as the burden doesn’t fall on a single family.”

The best thing about Maham and family was that they weren’t so concerned about photography or Videography (but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have expectations) which helped us roam and capture freely without any pressure. I took time in processing their shoots and they were patient enough to wait for it too. Overall, I had some beautiful memories especially because of Anum (bride’s sister) who I covered 4 years ago and must mention it was one of the most organised wedding I covered back then. I am happy she trusted me and my team once again to cover her sister’s event after 4 long years.

                                  A fun moment from Safi & Maham’s Mehndi photoshoot in Peshawar

1)Hassam & Mushgan: 

I truly didn’t expect Hassam & Musghan to top the list but when I sat down to rate the couples and their Weddings it was none other than them. The silent couple had a great on camera chemistry. Their co-operative behaviour, punctuality during shoot timings, choice of Photoshoot Locations and down to earth nature of both the families were more than enough to be my favourites of past wedding season.

The most notable was this amazing location for Barat & walima photoshoots which was a very beautiful house (architecture based on historical old houses with rough and unfinished structure). The most surprising element for me was that the house was owned by bride’s grand-parents who used to visit the house rarely as they were living abroad with their children and this beautifully furnished house (even from the inside) were in the hands of their servants who did a remarkable job maintaining it along with taking care of some amazing plantation.

Oh! and yes how can I forget the big round of applause for our whole team on third & last day at the end of event by all the family members of Hassam & Mushgan. The little deed made us feel so proud of what we do and made us more passionate about it.

               An adorable moment from Hassam & Mushgan’s Reception photoshoot in Peshawar.

Honorary Mentions:

1.)Ayela & Ibrahim:

Okay, so this cute couple; combo of very tall Ibrahim & considerably short ayela was way too co-operative and humble. They were all ears to our ideas and type of approach we wanted to have on their shoots, and wedding along with their input to lots of creative ideas. Moreover the classy details in event, humble & Royal Chitrali family members of Ayela have made me list them as one of my favourites. Though their wedding was in March 2016 so technically I can not include them in this season’s list.

                                       A shot of Ayela & Ibrahim at their Barat’s photoshoot

2)Javeria & Aafaq:

The 3 hour photoshoot was the longest I ever had with the couple at the historical Islamia college University, Peshawar. One of my top favourite shoots of winter season (2016) definitely will stay fresh in my mind for a long time, especially because of Javeria who had this sense of posing quickly & very distinctively in front of Camera (Thanking her for making my job easy). I had around 350 shots of the couple from this Photoshoot alone & shortlisting 40 out of them was a tough job for sure

                    Javeria’s wedding Photoshoot at the Historical Islamia College, Peshawar

There were so many other names bouncing up on my mind while writing this blog as the people of Peshawar are so hospitable & simple. It was pretty hard to favourite a few of them & so this article was a pretty difficult one to pen down. Subscribe & Share. Follow Instagram for live updates & stories.

Tanzeel K.

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