October 25, 2019

Hello and a very warm welcome to my website. It is the first time I am actually writing a blog post and pretty excited about sharing a photographer’s views at about different weddings and daily routines & experiences apart from that. Hoping you are all going to help me out and support this little initiative as you did on my Facebook page for the past 7 years. I owe all those who have helped me throughout these years in making and building someone you call Tanzeel Khan Photography.

I am Tanzeel Khan “A Mechanical engineer who owns a camera and takes pictures inspired by world to Inspire this world . A storyteller fuelled by Hope & Passion, Impressed by the dark side of life, the light that love brings & the way both of them collide, driven to capture the beautiful stories that unfolds around…”

An artist who is driven by passion towards photography and takes it not as a profession rather devotion towards it. Photography for me is only about making people happy. And since my style of photography is mostly candid it often makes people smile. Yes, I see beautiful people. I belong from Peshawar a city filled with culture, history & amazing people with great hospitality.

“Spending time capturing those beautiful moments happening around me with a vintage yet elegant touch of ambience. No matter how lavish a scene looks; there is always that classical taste somewhere deep in the moment which is why I love the capturing cultures with details.

What will this blog be about?

  • Pictures! (Loads of them obviously)
  • Personal opinions on the events I cover. (Ah! Finally a place to pen down whatever is in my heart)
  • News, views and reviews about the Techie and geeky stuff, Food, Places, and what not…
  • Reviews on the event decor, halls and every single detail I come across along with suggestions to improve your big day.
  • Tips & tricks related to photography equipment that I use.
  • And the List goes on…!

Yes, The blog is not related to photography alone. Apart from photography, I will blogging about almost all the stuff we incur in our daily life. These are just a few things I had in my mind right now. Lots of more stuff coming up and trust me I mean it. Please Stay in touch by subscribing to this blog.

Aesthetically Yours

Tanzeel K.

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